App Cleaner & Uninstaller App Reviews

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Great app!

Nice clean UI and works well! Keep up the good work.

Very good application

Very good application

Great app cleaner

This is very useful app that helps you easily properly to remove any app from your Mac. The app has simple and easy to use interface. Just choose any app and the app will remove all service files. Definitely must have app.

I love this app. it saved me from going insane !

used this to remove the sophos antivirus which is RIDICULOUS , thanks appcleaner for the help


it cleaned 4 GB from 3 folders only !! this is awesome!!!!! highly recommended app for all mac users

save a lot of hard disk

this app is so awesome, its save alot of hard disk, about 30gb, and its very easy to use, thanks to developer that develope this awesome app

As advertised

Works perfectly. Totally convenient. Great choice.

super useful

I love how this app works! It literally saves me a lot of space by cleaning the unnecessary files. I need this so much and I love it!

useful app

I think this app is useful for these people who did not konw how to find the installed app’s detail files.Just confirm and allow this app to visit the MAC file system and it will show me all the files of some app.So i can copy some resources file out from the app’s file.It is really useful

Solid Performance

We are an IT Service Provider and some of our customers are Mac users, therefore we were looking for a solution capable of handling the task of completely eliminating unwanted software from OS X. The testings we performed did show a outstanding results wit this app! From now on this is our go to app for dirty jobs! ;)

FanTastic and amazing service!

WOW amazing service! I am very happy i discovered Nektony! There customer service/support is SO Awesome! And a great pleasure to deal w/. I contacted them and he answered my emails right away withoout any delay’s! I am very blown away by how suPERB this company is! I am very glad i discovered them/nektony. Everyone NEEDS to checkout there website, GREAT prices friendly/attentive service and ABOVE and beyond support! Thanks! Very best/warm and kindest regards!


Need to get apps off your mac? Get this NOW.

Thank you!

I thought I had removed an unwanted program, but a message about it was always popping up so I knew at least part of it was hidden somewhere. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Until I downloaded this app. It located it immediately. I deleted it, and now that annoying and incessant message is gone!! Perfect!

Just what I needed- outstanding app

Identified a number of remnants of programs, which were still causing problems that I could not resolve prior to running App Cleaner. The App has outstanding speed and efficacy.

need to buy pro to uninstall app

just wanted to let you know you have to purchase the pro version in order to activate the uninstall feature. it’ll remove any of the other miscellaneous files, but in order to remove the entire application, you’ll have to purchase the pro version. not too bad of a price to give credit to the person who made the app. interface looks a bit confusing compared to the older versions but it’s not that confusing to understand.

Must have!!!!

This is an essential app that everybody MUST HAVE. It’s very easy to set up; only took me 3 mintutes. No need to drag app(s) to App Cleaner to uninstall. All your apps will appear on the left side, click on the app you want to uninstalled. Select. Remove. Done. Fast and easy. Highly recommended!!

Some extras to this app you may not know about

Just like the other 5-star reviews, this app is definitely a must have. 1) Because it’s FREE! 2) Because it can remove most files, unless it requires administrator privileges, even if the application no longer exists, or the data was dropped on to your Mac from the web. Here’s one thing you may not know about: • The app doesn’t secure erase the files. • If you want to secure erase any files left by this app, you can do so through the Finder menu, even if the trash has nothing in it. I hope this intel helps other users as well! Thank You, "Nektony Inc.”, for making such a wonderful app!

Great Clean Up App for Mac Users - Recommend!

For those who like to try out different apps this is a great app for keeping your Mac free of unused apps taking up valuable space. Upon launching the app you can see all the apps and how much space they use. When you select the desired app to remove it will show ALL the files it will delete. WIth just a couple of clicks you can delete all files associated with the app. From there you can move the icon to the trash and the app is completely gone. What I liked is the App Cleaner shows apps that I have copletely fogetten about. It’s a great way to keep your Mac running strong with maximum storage. Highly recommend!

Gorgeous App. Works Perfectly. Up to date.

0 issues deleting 7GB Xcode Beta app. I love it.

Not a computer genius

I’m not one of those ppl who can do all kinds of stuff to my mac to tweak its functionality or to even fix stuff that goes wrong (requires a google search and hopes that someone else had the pblm). Anyway, I like this app. Let’s me clean up my memory easily and frequently. I go to it 3-4 times/day. Just be careful of declining the add-ons.

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